Agroforestry is the integration of farming and trees that has its roots in thousands of years of indigenous land stewardship and more recently in scientific research. Both forms of knowledge demonstrate the intersecting benefits to agricultural production, as well as improved ecological health of the landscapes where they are practiced. We are thankful for the contributions of many people and communities both seen and unseen to this collection of knowledge and practice. 

Farming with Trees Collective is a decentralized network encouraging collaborative projects in Agroforestry that are grounded in the wisdom and knowledge of people, communities and ecosystems. Learn more on our ABOUT page!



Silvopasture (grazing livestock with trees) systems are complex, dynamic and site specific. The practice is both rooted in indigenous land stewardship and its benefits are well documented by scientific literature. Adoption by farmers and land stewards of silvopasture is currently low, but growing in interest

On March 22 from 12:30 - 2pm, Wellspring Forest Farm will host a live panel discussion via ZOOM with four of the farmers where participants are invited to join and ask questions of the farmers. 

Participating farms include:

and former owner of Forks Farm, PA

Attendance is free and open to the public. 

We encourage you to watch the videos ahead of time and come with questions:

To register and receive the zoom link, please complete the form:

BIPOC Listening Sessions

Trees & Agroforestry: Paid opportunity to participate in BIPOC listening session

With growing public and private investment in agroforestry, attention should be given to intentional and sustainable strategy of modern adoption of  this ancient practice. Inspired by the examples of farmer-to-farmer movements around the world, Farming with Trees Collective has embarked on a SARE grant project to better understand the needs and interests of farmers currently integrating trees into their agricultural plans. 

While taking on such integral work can be difficult for any farmer, we know that BIPOC farmers experience compounded barriers to entry and tenure. Part of this work consists of hosting a series of online listening sessions to hold space for the nuance of this discussion from those most impacted. These sessions will be exclusively for BIPOC farmers and land stewards to share their concerns and experiences. 

Co-hosted by “Up From the Roots:Centering Racial Justice to Build Transformative Agroforestry authors, Rafter Fergeson and ruth tyson, input from attendees will ultimately be shared back with participants, policymakers, and funders in a public report. Discussions will also have a longer term influence on the development of participatory curriculum and learning events for farmers focused on propagation, planting, and tree maintenance skills in the Northeast.

As a critical farmer/network member involved in this work, we are inviting you to participate in our upcoming BIPOC only listening sessions to discuss motivations and needs gaps in tree production and planting. Session attendees will be compensated $125 for participation in a 2 hour zoom session. 

If this opportunity is of interest to you, please fill out this quick survey that will help us to group appropriate participants. 

Current Projects:

Explore farms in the Northeast working to integrate trees and livestock through videos and written case study sheets. 

A three year project to increase the skills of farmers and land stewards in tree propagation, planting, and caretaking.